Monday, February 24, 2014

McTavishing Week 4

Well this is week 4 of the McTavishing fmq quilt along over on Amy's can go here and check out all the others who are participating in this project...I have been working on this play quilt for Jazmine...I have used tons of thread and went through so many bobbin changes it is unreal! But, I am having lots of fun and my stitching has undergone great improvement...I was hoping to be finished this week, but it will be a bit longer before I am finished with all the is my progress so far....this quilt will fit a junior toddler bed and can be taken outside to sit and lay on during picnics and such...
My machine is not designed for quilting large size quilts and I have to pull and push really hard to get this thing under the needle as I finish each section...the opening is only 7" total from the needle to where the throat is no longer open on this machine and it gets really crowded under there!...I am not complaining though as I am making do with a great machine...I have been thinking of going to a larger size machine though, just for the ease of quilting...keep those needles stitching,

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