Tuesday, November 04, 2014

On The Hooks

 I have been working on several knit and crochet projects lately and have finished several. So I started two, yes two new ones. I have started two separate poncho patterns. One is the traditional granny type poncho in blue. I am working it up in Lion Brand yarn that is so soft and cuddly.
The second poncho is a pattern of my own making and I am really liking it. I am using all the leftover yarn from all the shawls I have been making recently. You can see them here and here. Very simple but really nice in the way it is coming together. I am working on them both a bit everyday so they will finish about the same time. I am also working on a bit of cloth that is just wonderful to work with, more on that in a post of its own soon.


Jane Galley said...

Looking good, and they're growing quickly

Anthea said...

lovely work coming off your hook Wendy... Ready for the chilly months x

Judy S. said...

Love the multi-colored poncho. No one would ever guess you're using leftovers! The blue is pretty, too.

Sheryl S. said...

This is looking lovely. I like your choice of colours.

Scrapatches said...

Very pretty colors ... :) Pat


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