Sunday, February 01, 2015

Natures Journal SAL 2015

I am a part of Chooky's stitch along this year and we will be doing the Natures Journal quilt by Anni Downs. The first part of the stitch-a-long is this little stitchery by Anni and can be found on her blog here. Now that my pattern has arrived I am trying to decide on my fabrics. I will be using just one fabric for the background, but need to decide between these two. I am leaning towards to green dots at the moment.
 Next up is the fabric for the applique and the patchwork squares for the borders. I thought about using the two below together
 or using my stash of "Spirit" that I have had forever and a day.
I hope to make my choices soon so I can get started on the first months blocks. Now to go and mull over my choices.


Pamela said...

I always think these fabric choice decisions are difficult! All of the fabrics you show are nice.

Blissy said...

I like the polka dots Momma!

Barb said...

Looks like you have some good choices there....awesome fabrics.

karen said...

third picture down Wendy, what is it? Is it packets of cloth? It is so intriguing!

Anthea said...

Wendy - if those Kate Spain layer cakes vanish from your house, blame me! I love Kate's fabrics!
Lovely options there; any of those fabrics are going to look amazing.


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