Thursday, February 16, 2017

Yes Two Posts in One Day...

I call this liquid gold! Fresh non-processed honey from a local bee keeper. My oldest daughter surprised me with this quart jar on yesterday. I was doing a big happy dance as I had run out of my last bit of honey and was thinking it may be summer before I was able to purchase any. I always like to buy local when possible as it helps with allergies to use honey from bees that are local to your area. Such a wonderful gift! I do have another source of pure unfiltered and raw honey, but it comes from Texas. Having this honey is much better with the coming of allergy season as it builds an immunity to the pollen from our area. And I love that she was able to request some of the honey comb to be added as well. The keeper loaded the jar with comb and I am a very happy camper. Just look at the beauty of this pure unfiltered organic honey! Now off to have a cup of tea with a bit of this lovely honey.

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