Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Gypsy RR Blocks

Here are two more of the gypsy blocks that I have worked on for this rr....the first one is Pegsue's block, I decided to embellish the central silkies on this block......I think she turned out well....I purchased a ring to make the crystal gazing ball......hope she likes what I have added to the block......
Next was Lauri's block, she stated that she liked lots of bling so that is what I gave her......I added silver hearts (these were originally earrings) and then stitched detached chain stitch on top of them....next I added the red sequin applique for more bling to help bring out the wonderful red velvet patch next to it.....then I added an orange/peach butterfly....last I added some vintage 20's ribbon that I had next to the blue patch......hope Lauri likes what I added to her block......

Until next time,


Lauri said...

I love what you added!! It's gonna be a beautiful block
Thank you so much

Catherine said...

I see you use small pieces of fabric - I have a pile of 1" leaning up to 2" by 5" long pieces looking for a new home which I am happy to post to you if they will be of use? They are the cut offs from my 5" charms when I cut my dresden templates


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