Thursday, August 25, 2011

Little Star Quilt Finished

Finished my little star quilt......this was a real learning curve.....(1) I love hand piecing (2) hand piecing is a slow progress, no rushing through here (3) keep plenty of hand lotion ready as your hands and fingers get really sore and this helps...(4) the end product gives much satisfaction to the maker!
 I did add another round of quilting next to the border after taking this pic......that made a world of difference in how it looks......I am so proud of myself.....each little piece was only one and half inches big and was really fiddly.....My larger two inch ones will take a while as it is bed size.....but now I know that I will love the the bigger quilt will be a slow work in progress to make.....then will come the hand quilting.....this was the first time I used the perle 8 to quilt with and I love how it worked out and the look of it....this will be how I quilt the bigger one when the time comes to finish it up.....

Until next time,


Anonymous said...

How cute is your little quilt, love it

Cathy said...

Very, very nice. I had to inspect your hand quilting close up because I'm thinking of using perle 8 on that hexie lap quilt I am working on. I haven't done much hand quilting so I've been reading up on it and bought a thimble to use. I don't know fingers are pretty callused from so much embroidery! - Cathy L

Cat said...

this is so lovely xxx


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