Sunday, August 20, 2017

Block #2 in The 2020 Crazy Quit Challenge

Block two is ready to be stitched and embellished to the ninth degree...I am looking forward to embellishing this block with stitch and beading this go round. Below is the finished block #1 after the backing fabric was added. There will be more stitched to this as the blocks are put together at a later date. I have ten more blocks cut out and ready to start stitching on. Each block will be completely hand stitched from start to finish. No machine work at all for these blocks. That is my personal challenge for this project. Now, lets get a cuppa and start stitching on block two!
I love how this block turned out...I do want to address something here though...I posted this block on a site and a comment was made that really irked me and it takes a lot to irritate me, but this comment did. Here is what the person wrote in the comments section "I love that you are doing all by hand. I wonder if the white piece might look better tea dyed to off set the starkness...just sayen" Those are her exact words...first if you cannot say something nice, don't leave a comment. Don't start out nice and then be critical. Secondly its not your block and you have no idea why the little doily was left white. Thirdly negative comments no matter how nicely couched are hurtful, so don't write them. I did comment back that the little doily was my grans, therefore I did not want to change the look of it. I know how stark it stands out against all the color. This is not my first experience with crazy quilting. I have been crazy quilting since the early 90's and have a great understanding of color and blending as I also come from a long line of artists. At the same time, this block holds special meaning with my nod to my gran. I don't need to tone down the starkness of the doily to fit in with the block. It fits perfectly on the block. Why would I want to change something that holds special meaning to me? I wouldn't. I did not ask for constructive criticism on this block. I did not ask for someone else's idea of perfect for my block. Yes, I could have put this on a white on white block or toned it down to blend better with the glorious color on the block, but then it would have changed the meaning of the doily. My gran was a prolific sane quilter and I am sure she would love this little nod to her. I inherited this doily when I was in my early 20's. I have kept it as pristine as the day it was given to me. No way was I going to change a precious item that was my grans. The white speaks of the starkness of loss that is inherent in all the colorful ways life interacts with us on a daily basis. My gran was a most lovely lady and loved us all with a very big heart. When she passed, she left a starkness in our lives that can never be filled by anyone else. As I said before, the white doily has meaning to me and I am fine with the starkness of the white on all the color. The only opinion that matters at the end of the day is mine anyhow. I just had to get this off my chest and as this has been a very hard day as today is my dads birthday and the first one since his death. And I am sure that the little nods that I put into this crazy quilt for those who have gone on will puzzle some people to no end. But, at the end of the day as long as I know why it is there and what the reasoning is behind it is all that matters. Oh, there will be more of these precious stark white doilies in this quilt, just so you know! :)

Thursday, August 17, 2017

New Crazy Quilt Challenge for 2020

This is the start of a new crazy quilt for a challenge that Sharon Boggin of  has put out for all those who love to crazy quilt. This is a long term project ending on Dec. 31, 2020. You can find all the details and guidelines about the challenge here: I have chosen to make hexagons for my project and will join them at a later date. I think this is very doable given the timeline involved. I will be keeping a stitching journal as well to document my progress as I work on each block. The challenge is to use 2020 different items on your crazy quilt. This can be fabrics, stitches, beads, buttons, laces, trims, motifs, silk ribbon embroidery etc. The goal is to have 2020 different items on your crazy quilt when completed. No duplicates of what you count. You can read more about the challenge on the above link.

Block #1                                      
Fabrics 5                                                       
lace 1
ric rac 1                                          
buttons 10                                                       
thread dmc x2strands= 2
perle cotton 7                                             
mini doily 1
leaf trim 1
backing fabric 1                                                                                       
seam treatments :
feather stitch
detatched chain stitch
french knots
pistil stitch 
straight stitch

Total Items this block: 29
Total Seam Treatments/Stitches: 8
Grand Total: 37

Off to a good start and am looking forward to making more throughout this challenge. I can only count the backing once as it will be the same for each block.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

The Boys

My sweetboys are enjoying a bit of sun between rain showers.


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