Thursday, August 31, 2017

Celebrating Mom

This shows five generations of girls in our brood. The eldest and first generation is Mom of course with me being the second generation standing behind her in the blue tunic. Next is my daughter Frostie which is my oldest sitting next to mom and then Bliss is standing next to me which makes the third generation. Next is Kristian who is standing next to Bliss who is holding Jazmine who are the fourth generation. Last but not least is Kayle and McKenzie which are the fifth generation! We were waiting on William Bruce to make his appearance into the world (which he did this week :) ) We seem to have an abundance of girls in our family and low volume of boys. My son was the first born in 36 yrs when he came along. My sister has one son, her daughter has one son, and my oldest daughter has one son and her daughter just had a son. The rest are all girls.
This is my brood minus the hubster who is working out of state at the moment. My son who is directly behind me is my youngest and has the honor of being the first boy in 36yrs. (let me add he was the first on both my side and my husbands side 32yrs) He is named after both his grandpas and they were so happy to have a boy in the brood after so long. My brother has all girls and one grandson with three granddaughters. So the trend is continuing for having girls. Bliss my middle daughter is standing next to me. The rest of these belong to Frostie and her husband who is behind her. Of course Payton died at birth and would have been the second son to be born into the family for Frostie. Jazmine is the youngest of course of Frosties. Her son is the tall one in the back being 6'3" at only 17. Then Kristian and her husband and two littles.
My sister made the cake and cupcakes for mom. She made a garden with a red bird as that is moms favorite bird.
Mom and yours truly.
My sister, mom and me.
Mom and Bliss being silly together! Mom is such a good sport. Bliss wanted a funny face pic with her and she was happy to do so. Those two had a great time making funny faces.

We celebrated my moms 83rd birthday on Saturday August 26th. We had such a fun time with her during the party. It was nice to get together with her and the family to celebrate the matriarch of our family. A good time was had by all. There was cake, cupcakes, food and fun. We missed dad a great deal as this is another first without him, but we shared memories and felt him near as we gathered as a family. Mom was so surprised that we pulled it off without her finding out. Especially since the littles in the family cannot keep a secret (and one or two of the adults as well :) ) Yet, she did not find out and was truly surprised! My mom is the strongest woman that I know and it was awesome being able to do this for her. My sister and I planned and plotted and it all came together in the end with one surprised mom and two happy siblings. Hope your day was as fun and filled with love as mine was! Until next time!

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Karen Ruane said...

how lovely to have the whole family together, the generations. (except poor hubby) I guess Christmas is fun at your house!


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