Thursday, August 31, 2017

Block 2 Embellished

Block 2 of my 2020 Challenge is now completely embellished and is waiting on backing. I have decided to embellish several before putting the individual backing on each block. I am undecided at this point if I will make the whole quilt hexagons or maybe make it like a medallion quilt and use it as the center piece of the quilt. Still mulling it over. If I do decide to use these as a center medallion it will make it much easier to unpick just the one with backing instead of having to unpick seven or more. I love how this block has turned out. I did have trouble getting started after putting the little lizard siggy on here, but I finally had a spurt of creative juice and went with it. I love how this block came together. The pics really do not give the block justice for the bold and saturated colors. It has been rain filled days here and taking pics is not easy in the gray light.

Block #2 Count
Fabrics: 5
Lace: 1
Trims: 1
Buttons: 4
Beads: 2
Silk Ribbon: 2
Thread: Silk handyed 1
              Perle 12 x 1
              Perle 8 x 1
Motifs: Butterfly x 1
             Leaves x 1
Seam Treatments: buttonhole feather, french knots (counted in block 1) detached chain (counted in block 1) straight stitch ( counted in block 1) outline stitch

Total items this block: 22
Total seam treatments: 3
Grand total: 25
Total so far for the project: 62 of 2020


Love Bears All Things said...

This is beautiful...I am crazy about crazy quilting...I did a few blocks several years ago but never finish the project...your idea of putting it in the center is a good one....your embroidery is so good.
Mama Bear

Allysonn said...

Ouh, i like this little (?) Hexie: It looks like a bright jewel to me.

(I hope, you can understand my terrible english, its not my native language. I'm German (an my german ist teribble to, sometimes.)

Barb said...

Oh my gosh....that is absolutely amazing

Karen Ruane said...

this is encrusted Wendy, it's stunning.


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