Thursday, April 24, 2008

I have joined the Season to Season swap. It is not really a regular swap, you make your own block decorate half the block, send it in and your partner embellishes the other half of your block and then it is sent back to you. I had sent a block in for the fall one but it never arrived at its destination. Which was very disappointing for me. But, the mail does that sometimes you know, lose your stuff! It's lost out there somewhere on the pony trail I suppose and having dealt with our postal system, it could show up any day now! And if not I hope it has found a good home. Although I don't know why anyone would want a half finished block!lol. Anyhow, I decided to try this again with the summer block and I am currently piecing the previous blocks of the seasons to complete on my own. This is a pic of the nekkid block and I will post again when I have completed the seam treatments that I will be doing before it is sent off to my partner. I am so looking forward to this swap. I fell in love with this teapot/cup fabric and decided to use it as my theme. I know the colors are not bright and bold for a summer look, but I have roses that bloom with their soft beauty during the heart of summer, so this is a tribute to them and all their beauty and sweet smell.

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Gerry said...

Great block, Wendy. The teapot fabric is really, really pretty!

You've also done a great job with your under the sea block. The whales are wonderful.


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