Thursday, April 24, 2008

Whew! I told you I had been busy. This is the last one for now. I have decided to enter a small crazy quilt piece in the fall fair where my brother lives. I am undecided as yet if it will be a wall hanging or a lap quilt. It will have six blocks that measure 12" x 12" each when completed. I don't know if I will do two by two or three by three, as I am still in the thinking process on that end of the design. Anyhow, it will be made with the same teapot/cup fabric that I used in my ss summer swap block. I just love this fabric. I have one block completed and five more to go. I will post as I complete the piecing process. I will piece them all before I add any type of embellishments to it. The first one I chose to do a fan as the central part of the block. I really like the way that it turned out. And I am already thinking about how I will embellish each of the seams. I believe I will make a rough drawn out draft of the seam treatments for each of these blocks. Hope you enjoy reading and looking at my projects as much as I am enjoying the creative process of each one.
Happy Sewing until next time

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