Tuesday, May 13, 2008

OK now I need to post some pics of my season to season summer block. I have embellished my half and will be sending it to my partner for her to work on the other half. It was very hard to stop working on this block. I just kept adding things to it a few beads here then I added a dragon fly, then more beads, a few small dragon flies, some more beads.........I finally just had to put it down and say enough! Especially since I am used to working on larger blocks with more space, this did not take me long at all. Since I have finished my part on this one and will be putting it in the mail on tomorrow, I will start on the block for my rr on CQI sampler rr. It will be a 10" block and I will do a seam or two on it and be ready to send it out on June 1st. I am still waiting for my next block in the purple color study rr, it has not arrived as of yet. I also have my undersea block that I am going to finish myself plus the blocks I am doing for the quilt that I will be entering into the fair in October of this year. So, I have plenty to keep me busy. I am looking forward to finishing up some of my projects pretty soon. Anyhow, here are a few pics of the block.


Gerry said...

Wendy, this is just gorgeous!

Ati. Norway. said...

So beautiful, your summer block. I love the roses you made. The middle piece is lovely fabric!!


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