Friday, May 16, 2008

Ruby and Her Bliss

Last post for now, I think. This one is for Ruby our mini dachshund she is so sweet and loving but is put out somewhat with the new puppy as he took one of her toys. Which is a big nono in the way she thinks about things. Truthfully this little dog does not know she is a dog. My dearest daughter Bliss has treated her like a baby since she got her four years ago. I don't know what will happen when B goes to college in the fall. Ruby will be beside herself. As a member of this family she is so in tune to B that it is uncanny at times. Of course this breed is the most stubborn and to me one of the smartest I have ever had the joy to come in contact with. They love with a fierceness about them and will protect what is theirs at all costs. She has kept Bliss and myself from being snake bit when we lived in TX by stepping in between us and the unsightly snake. For us Ruby is a blue ribbon winner. And we all love her dearly. Just had to add a pic of Ruby's mommy Bliss, where you see one the other is nearby.



Pets are like family! Bliss will have to take vacations to go home and see her baby! :o)
so-who is the new guy in the house? *~*CAROLE*~*


OH _OOPS!! Riddick is down below! hehehe--what a cutie patutie

Gerry said...

What a fun post. I would bet that when DD goes off to college you will have a new best friend. LOL.


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