Friday, February 13, 2009

Look What I Have Finally Learned To Do!

I am doing the big happy dance here as I have learned something new that I have tried in the past to do with much disappointment. I have finally learned to knit! And I have actually finished my first project all in one day! WOW is all I can say. Can you tell how excited I am. I have tried to knit since I was eight and could never get it! Well I have been so inspired by Kerry over at . She has been making some of the neatest dish cloths with knitting. I have been doing the crocheted dish cloths for years, but have never been able to knit them. After reading her blog every time she posted a cloth, I decided that all those dormant needles of mine needed to be put to the try once again or gotten rid of. So, I pulled out my threads and needles along with a small book I purchased at the thrift store for 39 cents and decided it was now time that I could learn this. It took several times before I could actually get it right, but I finally did and this my friends is the end result. Now, all you proficient knitters out there that have been doing this forever I am sure you will find my mistake, please just look over it please. I was determined to fix it and go on, not that I really knew how, but I did and went on with no further mistakes. I did realize what had happened and kept that from happening again. Now I have a finished product and am so happy with it. I also decided to put a crocheted border around it. My son said it was too frilly for a dishcloth, I agree but could not resist. Anyhow, what do you think of my first try!

Next is a pic of some new tools for my crazy quilting. As anyone who reads this blog knows by now that I love to crazy quilt. I am always on the lookout for things that will help and ease the process. I found these rulers yesterday and the dollar tree in town, you know the kind where everything in the store is a dollar. Well when I seen these I knew I had to have them for working on seams. I have a set of "hair houdini" part makers that I have used for years. (You know those plastic templates you laid where you wanted the part in your hair to be, then you chose which pattern you wanted and then you just took a rat tail comb and followed the outlines to get a hair part.) Anyhow, when I seen these rulers I just had to add them to my collection and they are well worth the cost. You never know when you will come across something you can actually use in cq, so I always stay on alert for new items that I can use in all my crazy quilting adventures. Here are some closeups of each ruler:

I just love a bargain and especially one that is so useful! And to think I just went in there for some tissue wrapping paper (again used in my cq's for motif transfer). Well back to stitching for me. I have already started another dishcloth, just plain to get more practice before I try and do anything with a pattern. But hey, at least I have finally got it! Also, Megs block arrived on yesterday for the "Anything Goes" Traditional DYB RR over on CQI and I cannot wait to start the stitching. Will post pics of before and after my work on it next week sometime. Until next time Happy Stitching,


Thelma said...

YEA!!! Wendy,,you go girl. Your first finished knitting piece looks great to me. And I love your ruler find too,,awesome. I need to go see if I can find me some too!

Diane said...

Wendy, you'll love the green one. Those scallops are just the right size. I've used it in three of my last projects, in different ways. I didn't see the others in my dollar store, but they are always getting new stuff in and I check back at least once a week for new beads, etc. by the way your knitting is very neat for a beginner knitter. Keep on with it, you'll be doing gloves with fingers and turning heels on socks soon!

Miss Nancy said...

Yea on the knitting! I have always love the way the things look when they are knitted vs crochet. Good for you. Ok...Since I don't know much about crazy quilting...
how will you use this fun rulers?

Wendy said...

Hi ladies thank you for the nice comments on my knitting. I am so excited about finally getting it from my head to my finers!lol

Thelma, let me know if you can't find them and I will see about getting you some.

Diane: the rulers came in a two pack. Green and pink and yellow and blue I believe. I can see if my store still has some if you want.

Nancy, I will use them to mark seams for embroidery on my crazy quilts. This will make it so much easier to keep the seam uniform while I stitch.

Happy Stitching ladies

Judy S. said...

Good job knitting, Wendy. What a cool, ruffly dishrag! You are on a roll.....

Those are very interesting rulers!


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