Saturday, March 07, 2009

New Fabric and Some Goodies Recieved

This will be a long post with lots of pics so hang on. First is some fabric that I have added to my stash recently. My sweet hubby knows of my love of Batik fabrics and he bought me 23 new fq's a week ago. Here they are and are they not just luscious! I have been collecting them to make a king size quilt. Some day I will have enough to make one. Are they not wonderful!Next is my new fabric for my regular stash: This is my fabric for my Black and White quilt with a splash of color. I chose pink as the splash of color. Now to choose the pattern and get the flimsy made soon.Next up we have a small piece of fabric that has cats on it. Isn't this lovely. I will be using this in a small project for my brothers girlfriend who is crazy about cats.

Next we have this lovely floral print and soft pinks that will become a wall-hanging in the near future.
Next we have these lovely fabrics that I stumbled upon, and the best thing is they were on sale at the local fabric store for $1.00 a yard. So of course I had to get 4yds of each of the vine print only. The pink is from another store and I only have a yd of it.
Next we have this lovely floral and the green and all three of these were on sale as well and I purchased the last 6yds of the solid floral, 4yds of the green and just a yd of the striped floral. I may go back and get more of this though. I wish I had gotten more at the time as it goes so well with the other fabric. This is earmarked for a quilt for my mom.
I just love getting mail! Don't you, anyhow this is what I have received in the mail this past week. So here they are: The first is a siggy from Martine and she also sent me a couple of pieces of this wonderful fabric for my crazy quilting. Isn't this lovely! I will definitely be using this in my next project. And her siggy is wonderful also, nice deep red color.
Next is a siggy from Breda, this one is lovely also.
Next we have a siggy from Manie v.d. Berg and she used some vintage fabric on hers and it is just wonderful! Mine to them will go out in the mail on Monday. I will post pics after they have received theirs from me.
Next is my post cards that have arrived this past week! And they are wonderful: First up is the post card I received in a one to one swap with Wanda from South Africa. I just love this card, she entitled it "Winter Scene". The one I made her is on its way to her and I will post a pic of it when she receives it.The next post card is the one I received from MaryLou our monthly swap on www.FabricPostCardsForStitchers at yahoo groups. I love this card, it has lots of beads on it and the orange color is beautiful.
This next one just came yesterday and it is this months card from the same group (we do a monthly card swap with different themes and partners) this one is from Illse. I love the technique that she used and all the different scraps of fabric that she used. The little saying says "Agree with your imagination" And when you make these post cards or any other creative art you should remind yourself that your art comes from your imagination and you should just let it flow!

I told you this post was going to be a long one. I hope you have a good week-end and get to stitch a lot. Happy Stitching Everyone,


Anonymous said...

Hello Wendy

I see you have alot of dutch friends. The goodies in your mail look great. I send you an e-mail about the pif, but I haven't heard from you. I think you didn't recieve it. I wanted to know what you favorite color is. And I want to apologize that you haven't heard from me for so long. Hope to hear from you soon. have a nice week

Wendy said...

Hi Mai, I have sent you an email and hope you are feeling better after your surgery.


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