Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Please Pray

Hi everyone, this will be a quick post as I am in a hurry. Please pray for my moms youngest sister Mary. She was rushed to hospital and put in ICU on Sunday morning. She is not doing well at all. They have found that she has a bacteria in her blood that could be fatal. They are trying to stabilize her in order to do a cat scan and also put her on dialysis to clean her blood system. They do not really know what is wrong with her but she is very weak. She is 65yrs. old and on lots of medications. My mom of course is very upset and this is not good for her heart! Please pray for recovery for my aunt and protection for my mom against all the stress. I hope to have good news tomorrow. I will post as soon as I can. You can only see her for 2min. at a time, two people at a time every four hours. I have been able to see her twice and my mom has seen her also. We are trying to let her son be with her the most and he has been so gracious to us. He lost his dad this past year and this is really hard on him and his family. Please lift them up as well. His name is Jack. Must go for now.

Even as I have typed and posted this a call from my dad letting me know they have started the dialysis process. He said the nurse told them they were going to do it slowly in hopes that this will be a one time process! Her blood pressure has stabilized finally going from 70/21 95/45. They would like for it to stay here for now. I really appreciate those who are already praying and would like for those who read this blog to send up prayers and good thoughts for her and her family. Thank you so much!


Miss 376 said...

Will be thinking of you all, so glad that there has been some progress and hope that this will continue

Colleen said...

Our prayer will be with you.


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