Friday, December 04, 2009

Update on Mike

Hi everyone, it seems that I am always updating on Mike and no sewing, quilting. Well I will have a quilty post later on today sometime before midnight. Anyhow, about Mike, we thought he was going to get to come home today, but yesterday they had to do emergency exploritory surgery to find a problem causing him to swell. He looked like he was pregnant! Anyhow, they found that his feeding tube in his stomach did not seal and was leaking in his abdomen which was causing the swelling. They fixed it and now we wait. Talk about being dissappointed, both he and my sister were so upset. He has been through so much, now this. He will be in hospital for a while longer. But, at least they found it before he was sent home. Which will give time for a ramp and porch to be built onto their home for him. The hospital bed and hoist was delivered yesterday in prep. for his coming home. All the doors have to be redone to fit a wheelchair. He will be in a wheelchair for the next yr. or more. It will be six months before he can put any weight on either of his legs, so learning to walk will start after he can stand up on them and bear weight. That means he is going to be out of work for a long time and her job does not pay very much. Our family (that is my dh,dd and ds along with me) have decided to forgo gifts this year and will be giving the money we would normally spend to my sister and her husband as they need it more. We have already recieved the best Christmas gift this year in the life of my son being spared  with no major injuries in the accident. As a family we know what is most important in life and that is love and what you do with it. Christmas is a time of giving and each of us love to give, so what better way to show that love than to pool our money and give it to my sister and her husband who happen to be in need. We are so excited to be doing this and some of our other family members will be giving to them as well. We will present them will our gifts in the coming weeks and our deepist wish is that nothing else will go wrong and Mike will be home for Christmas where he belongs. So please keep him and his family in your prayers for a speedy recovery from this surgery. And again thank you to all who have been praying for Mike, we so appreciate it.

I will post a crafty blog later with photos of some things I have in process and some things I have recieved as well. I am also wanting to do Mike a lap quilt for his wheelchair if you have ideas of a simple pattern and size I would so appreciate it. Maybe I will make him a bed organizer as well to match his quilt. Have a great day and happy stitching!



Judy S. said...

Hi Wendy,
I was sorry to hear that Mike needed more surgery and sure hope that's the last one. When our choir went to Russia, we made a bunch of lap quilts to send along, kind of small, but easy. If you'd like I will try to find the pattern?

Beena said...

It is a blessing that this problem with the feeding tube was caught while Mike was still there at the hospital. I will continue to pray for him, and your family.

A simple quilt of 10" squares or big blocks would come together pretty quickly for a lap quilt needed in a pinch. And there are a lot of fleece panels that are available from Jo Anne's Fabrics, and online and they are super quick to turn into a cozy lap quilt.


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