Thursday, April 28, 2011

Storm Update

In the small town that my sister lives in there have been 17 deaths......there may be more when they get through the debris and fallen the Shoal Creek Valley homes have been leveled and whole families is so sad......not many people know about it as it has not had media coverage......the death toll may rise as workers finds more people in all the looks as though a bomb has been dropped in the sister has damage to her home and many trees are lost....but thankfully all of them are loss of niece's best friend along with her family has died.........another family lost several members of her family leaving her alone.......Please pray for the state of Alabama as the death toll continues to rise at 1:00 pm today the death count was at 178 and climbing......right now they are concentrating their efforts on finding those still alive.....I thank God for our blessings, but my heart is so heavy for our state and the people daughter in Georgia is ok......again thankful to God the storm hit 11 miles from them........another miracle happened with my husband as he was returning home from a heart is full of gratitude to God for His protection during this awful storm.......God is so faithful to watch over those who belong to Him......and even in the midst of the tragedy He can be found.......thank you to those who have emailed or commented with prayers for not only my family but those in my beloved state......we truly appreciate them....have a blessed day........



Ruby said...

It is very heart wrenching. Tough times. I am praying.

Tudy said...

I have been watching the news with all the losses in the south. It must be so terrible to see friends and familys lost like that.

My thoughts and prayers are with everyone who was touched by the storms.

Cindy said...

Prayers have been coming your way. The news coverage here in Iowa has been excellent in covering what's happened. Just so very, very sad. When I look at the pictures on the news, my heart just sinks. I also wanted to let you know I replied to your email today about the doll quilt swap at Once Upon A Quilt. I'm wondering if you didn't get the first one I sent when you originally contacted me. Could my email be ending up in your SPAM folder? Sending many more prayers your way.

Anonymous said...

How sad so many natural disasters cause havoc and pain to many people. I am so sorry that your family has suffered loss of friends and acquaintances. I am sending a hug your way.

Ann Flowers


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