Thursday, December 20, 2012

Santa Sack Swap

The day to open the " Santa Sacks" was on the 18th of December...I am a little behind on posting about it... Here is my tote with all the gifts inside...a big thank you to my partner for all the wonderful gifts she sent out to partner was Mary Pat and she does not have a blog...the bag is just beautiful...

 And this is what Mary Pat sent out to me....
1. Best Press
2. Journal
3. 6" ruler
4. Red thread
5. Thanksgiving hand towel
6. Pumpkin Trivet
7. 2 packets of buttons
8. Mini Quilt kit for a Christmas quilt
9. 1 packet buttons and 1 packet paper napkins
10. 1 packet buttons and 1 packet paper napkins
11. 2 Fairy Frost charm packs
12. A book for designing the perfect studio space
The extra gift is the table runner that the others are sitting is already in use on a hall pretty...a big thank you to Mary Pat for all the lovely items that you sent out...      

This is what I sent out to Mary Pat...although I did not take a pic of the jelly roll that I sent to was a moda "Fruit Cake" jelly roll which can be seen wrapped here:
Items sent:
1. Mini quilt
2. Mini quilt hanger
3. Pin Cushion
4. Needle keep
5. Rice heating pad
6. Set of coasters
7. Two crocheted dish cloths
8. SS Quilt necklace
9. Set of 3 moda fat quarters  
10. Stitching Guide for sewing machine
11. Set of 3 moda fat quarters
12. Moda "Fruitcake" jelly roll (not shown because I forgot to take a pic before wrapping it)
Below is the Santa Sack that I made and the small pillow as the extra....    
A big thank you once again to Cheryll who hosts this swap every has been fun and I cannot wait until next year to join in again...

I have also recieved my CSSS from my partner who is Sue....I was allowed to open the extra gift along with the ornament....the lovely bird ornament is already on the tree and the gift under the tree...the extra gift was a beautiful scarf she knitted with beautiful bright colors...I love it....thank you so much Sue...

 Below is the ornament that I made for my swap partner...I cannot show the rest until after Christmas day so be sure and check back by to see what I made for her...
I have one more package I am waiting on and I am sure it will be here soon...on another note, we have the dreaded cruddy flue at our house again....of course this time I caught it from my sweet dh! He came home from a trip super sick with the stuff...needless to say I am glad that I have all my shopping and mailing done for off to drink some soothing tea for my throat and try to rest a bit as my eyes feel as though they are full of sand....
Happy Stitching,

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Jane Galley said...

What lovely gifts
Hope you feel better soon


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