Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Snowmen Finished...

I finally finished the snowmen candle mat I have been working on...this project was fun and irritating at the same time...let me explain the last part...I was working fine the first snowmen no problem...then during the process of appliqueing the second one my fingers began to feel really raw...I could not figure out why...I left the project unfinished after I had sewn down the three snowmen and came back to it this past weekend...just like the first time, after working a little while my fingers and hands began to feel really raw...the only thing I came up with is working with the wool felt...I have never had any other type of reaction to wool before, so am not sure if that was the problem or not...anyhow, it is now finished unless I want to add anymore detail...I had thought about adding facial features but it wont be seen underneath a candle...what do you think, should I add the face or leave it as is?


Judy S. said...

Maybe some tiny black button eyes? It's very cute though.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

This is so cute Wendy

Maria said...

That's a beautiful candle mat, Wendy! I was going to suggest button or little bead eyes but I see Judy beat me to it! Lol
It certainly sounds like a reaction to the wool felt...maybe there is an additive like a dye that has caused your skin's reaction?


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