Monday, November 11, 2013

Veterans Day....

In Honor of Every Veteran who has served our country past and present....Thank You! Thank you for putting your lives on the line on a daily basis...Thank you to my dad who served in the US Navy, and to my uncles and cousin who have served as well...To every man and woman who have and are now serving our country...thank you for your sacrifices to make sure we can live in a free country...thank you to those families who have paid the ultimate sacrifice of their loved ones life...from the bottom of my heart I appreciate your courage and all that you give so that we as a country may live in freedom...Thank you!

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Gina E. said...

That is a beautifully worded tribute, Wendy. We also recognise November 11 in Australia, and here it is called Remembrance Day. Returned soldiers sell red poppies made out of fabric, as well as plastic bracelets and other items, to raise funds for Legacy, an organisation that helps widows and families of servicemen (and women) who have died.


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