Sunday, December 29, 2013

A Challenge for 2014...

Epic Fail!!!! I have already fallen off the cart!!! I purchased not one but two bolts of fabric for less than a dollar a I will start this challenge over starting Monday January 6th 2014! :)
After reading this post on Sharon's blog, I have decided to take the fabric stash is way out of control and I need to use it up...also I have several ufo's that I want to finish this coming is the challenge:


- To use the Stash I already have!
- Finish UFOs without distraction by shifting to other new beautiful fabric.
- Stop the insanity of constantly buying the latest and greatest fabric.
- Save the $$ I spend on stashing. For me, this is going to mean I start saving for a long arm. That dream simply isn't going to happen while I spend every little bit of my quilty earnings on fabric. And it's a dream I desperately want to happen.
- Destash the fabrics that I realize I am never going to use.
1) No fabric purchases for 6 months beginning January 1, 2014.   
2) At 6 months reevaluate status and decide whether to keep going for full year.  Evaluation July 1, 2014.
3) Create a UFO list and complete them!
4) Exceptions
·                     Backing: purchasing a backing to finish a quilt top is permissible.  However, attempting to use fabric in your possession for a backing is preferable.
·                     Books and Magazine purchases are allowed as they are not fabric.  Notions acceptable too.
·                     Swap Mama Fabric: if hosting a swap you are permitted to by fabric to execute swap duties, but you may not join a swap simply for the sake of being able to buy fabric!
·                     Quilts for Publication: if you are making a quilt for a publication and need certain fabric to execute it correctly then that is a major exception - who can blame you?

You can go here to link up and be a part of this challenge if you feel that your fabric stash is overtaking your space...wish me luck because I am going to need it! I will post pics of my some of my in another post sometime this week.


Terry said...

I've been doing this for almost two years now and I LOVE using up what I have! It's so liberating! :0)

Barb said...

I am so tempted to do this...

suziqu's thread works said...

Wishing you Wendy the best of luck in your fabric stash challenge. I just always look for that special piece that I know would be perfect for a latest book or journal but I buy little these days!

Wishing you much inner peace and love for the New Year. We trust and pray
we can move on from the previous one!

New Year hugs to you,

karen said...

oh fabric purchases for 6 months??? No way I could do that, I admire you for taking up that challenge!!
I hope you had a wonderful Christmas Wendy...your family too x

Cheryll said...

Thanks for taking the pledge. :)
Good luck with the challenge too.

Winter said...

You failed, Mother! Buying two BOLTS of fabric is not stash busting. :p

Alla Blanca said...

Wendy, I wish you luck with the Fabriholics Anonymous challenge!
I'm in, too, and feeling a bit inspired by the challenge of using what I have--even as I am planning a couple new starts this year. Maybe the creative solutions to being restricted will be just the push I need to get going.

Anthea said...

I think we all have wwaaayyyy more stash than we could ever work through - what a great idea for at least making a good job of reducing it... I will be very interested to see how you go, Wendy!! x


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