Thursday, January 19, 2017

A Bit of Stitiching

Trying to keep my mind occupied with stitching at the moment. I have always felt that stitching has a calming effect on the mind while your hands are busy with those familiar stitches. Very soothing for my heart at the moment. Grieving is a process and my journey will hopefully be soothed with stitch. I do find great comfort in stitching. Finishing the last block on this black and jewel toned crazy quilt wall hanging. I hope to have this finished soon. I also have been making small hearts. This one is going on a journey with the Traveling Top (a post on that later) I have several more of the hearts in process and will be posting them as well. Right now I am working to finish one that was started before my life was turned upside down. It will be going to a new home as well. I do need to keep one for myself I think. They are so cute. Until next time, keep those needles moving through fabric!

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Anneliese said...

Yes, Wendy, just go on stitching occupying yourself, it is the best for the mourning process which will - and must - last some time. You will see as time passes you will get again to your balanced equilibrium. (Stitching-)life must go on. Love.


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