Saturday, January 28, 2017

Peaceful Evening...Stitching and Block Making

A beautiful sunset today....

Stumpy, my dads sweetboy...
Just wanted to do a little update for January. This month is almost over and to be truthful, I am so glad. The weather cannot make up its mind as to be cold or warm. I am so ready for spring, but I do know that we still have some cold weather days left for the south. I caught a really pretty sunset with my phone today. I love the colors and it was so peaceful watching the sun go down on another day. I am still trying to process the loss of my beloved dad, which is not easy for me. I am trying to keep myself occupied with stitching and appliqueing these little baskets. I am also taking another class with Karen Ruane from here: You should go visit her and consider taking a class from her. Every class I have taken from her has taught me something new and has helped me to hone my embroidery skills. I will have a post ready soon about the work from class. Motivation seems to be a problem for me at the moment concerning blogging. I am going to try and be better at that in the upcoming month. Until then, I will be plugging away at projects and working on class projects. I will be busy. Please bear with me as I make the personal transition that was thrust upon us as a family on the 2nd of January. With that said, have a blessed evening/day wherever you may be.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Wendy such beautiful work,i hope everything will work out for you,sending big hugs.


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