Friday, October 22, 2010

This And That

First off in the world of sewing and quilting I am quilting the first of baby Jazmine's quilts. This one is really super simple and is working up fast and I should be finished with the quilting over the weekend. No pics yet, will do those when it is finished. Also I have cut out a pin wheel quilt for her and should have the flimsy finished by the weekend hopefully.........we will see. My sister is having her annual October family get-together so I may not get it finished. Will post pics of both of these on Monday. The fabrics is care bears as I have about 30 yds of the stuff and my dd loves it.

I received my "  Friends"   swap from my partner Melissa you should go check out her blog. She has some wonderful things there and she is a very talented quilter/artist. Below is what she sent out to me.
 This is a closer view of my mini quilt that she made. Melissa I love it very much. Notice the little crazy quilt she is holding. I so appreciate that she added the style of quilting that I so love. I love to sane quilt as well, but crazy quilting is my passion. This little quilt is destined to hang in my sewing room.
 Melissa also made me a nail care set which I needed. Some lovely rose lotion and bath petals as well. And of course fabric and beads with ribbon. My package for Melissa will go out this coming week and when she receives the parcel I will show pics here.

Next is a pic I made of the moon on last night. It was about midnight and it was just beautiful. Nice and full and it was so light out that you could see perfectly.

Notice in the second pic that in the upper right hand corner it looks like a second moon! I don't know how that happened. But it is neat looking. Next up is what I sent out to my Colour Swap partner. She is a scrapper and that is what she wanted. So I tried to load her up with lots of goodies for that. My package has not arrived as of yet so just photos of what I sent out to her.We were supposed to send out a little gift for each of the letters and one handmade item for our swap partner.

C- chip boards x2,chipboard alphabets x 2, cookie cutters
O- orchids
L- lace
O- organdy lace and fabric
U- udder cream for her hands
R- handmade rosette pin in her favorite colors, silk roses

As extras I sent six sets of stamps, more ribbon and some more chip boards. I know the package has arrived and hope that she likes what I sent out to her. I have not heard anything from her yet. Her dd was in a car accident and she had to go out of town. I hope all is well with her.

I also made this and something went wrong. I followed the directions I was given and it just will not work out. I am so frustrated with this. It was going to be a candle mat but now it is in the wasted time bin until I can salvage it which I hope is soon. I am looking for a solution but so far nothing I have tried has worked. Here is the pic of my project.
I had thought that maybe I had too many of the pie shapes so I removed one and it still did not lay like it should. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I hate to just have to scrap this project for good. I love this fabric and hate to waste it. I guess if I have to I could make pie shaped pin cushions from it. But only if all else fails. Ok this post has been long so I will say goodbye for now and post more tomorrow.

Added: Thanks for the advice on the blogger situation. I did as you said and closed everything out and all of my blogs that I follow came back  after several times of doing this.

Happy Stitching,


Melissa said...

I am happy you liked your swap package!

Khris said...

Some lovely goodies there girls...well done..hugs Khris

Sue Barreau said...

Hi, Maybe you could put a little Suffolk Puff in the middle of your piece to cover the hole, as the fabric is pretty & I agree it would be a shame to waste it. Bye x


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