Friday, October 22, 2010

A Rant

Usually I don't place rants of any kind on my blog. For me it is mostly wasted energy that is best spent sewing or quilting. But today I do have a rant and its against blogger. I signed in and all my blogs that I follow are gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!........Yes I said gone, where did they go? Can blogger tell me? Hello blogger where are my blogs that I faithfully follow? This really aggravates me to no end. I was ready to sit down with my cuppa make my quilty post and read all my blogs. But can I do that on today? The answer is no and I am really upset about it. I have tried several times to restore my follow list to no avail. Hopefully when I come back later it will have worked itself out. much for reading early in the day. Maybe tonight. Has this happened to anyone else and what can I do about it if anything. I would really hate to lose all those wonderful blogs that I follow.



Carol said...

Hi Wendy
Yes, this has happened to me several times. The first thing I do is close the browser. Sometimes they reappear when I try again. Sometimes you have to wait. They always come back.But it is a PITA.

Barb said...

No, it hasn't happened to me and takes a while to get a good blogging lists. Hope it comes back up for you.

Suztats said...

This happened to me a while ago. I went into my profile on blogger and saw that all the blogs I followed were listed there. A little later, they popped up in my reader. Might have been a coincidence, but, I don't know--I was just happy they showed up! Hope yours re-appear soon!


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