Monday, October 25, 2010

Started Jazmines 2nd Quilt

Well I have started Jazmine's second quilt that I am making for her. This one will be pin wheels. I have always loved this pattern and decided that I wanted to make her one. This one will be done in Care Bears as well. Also I decided to do a quick tutorial on the way I do my half square triangles and pin wheel blocks. I have always done them this way as it is easier for me and less confusing for beginners. When I first started quilting I tried all the techniques available at the time. (which was not many in the early 70's) I finally settled on this way and the rest is history. Maybe this will help any newbies out there that is looking for an easier way to make them.
1. Cut out your squares in the size that you want to use. Mine are 6"
 2. Next put the two squares together with the right sides facing:
 3. Now comes the easy peasy part. You just sew around the square a quarter of an inch away from the edge all the way around the square. This is how it will look.

 4. Next you are ready to cut them apart. You put your ruler corner to corner diagonally and cut.
5. Now cut from the other edge in the same way.
6. Here is what your half square triangles will look like when you have cut them apart.
7. Just sew them together how you want them to spin and you now have a finished block. Easy peasy I am telling you. Below is my sample. I do need to re-press as I did not press the block correctly as I was in a hurry to finish this tutorial. I hope this helps you out.

Happy Stitching,


Barb said...

Great tut...will be a fun quilt when you get it finished. Thanks!

Renea said...

Thanks for the great tutorial. Why I never thought of this before.

Penny said...

That's simply great! Thanks for the tute!

Nadine said...

Amazing, great tutorial ! I'm planning a "Broken Dishes" quilt and this will be so helpful. THANKS, Wendy!


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