Thursday, February 21, 2008

Hello all

Just a small update on the hearts, I have swapped two of them and they are on their way to a new home. I will be posting five more sometime on tomorrow. It is rainy here and we are expecting storms all day tomorrow. So it seems that will be a good day to stay in and stitch.
I have two more blocks for a previous swap to finish, and then they will be ready to mail out. I also need to make my purple color study block for the rr on cq4n group. This will be the first time that I have participated in a rr. I am very excited about it. All but one piece of the fabric is from clothing that I had purchased last week at a local thrift store. All in all this block fabric wise is only going to cost me about $1.oo. That is so wonderful as I love a bargain. Anyhow I will be posting pics of that block as well. I missed the green color study rr, but I think I will still make the block and do it all myself, just for the practice of working with all one color.

Happy Sewing Everyone

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