Saturday, February 23, 2008

Hello everyone hope your day has been going good. Today has been a slow day for sewing or any type of crafting. Did a lot of errands though so the day has not been wasted. I have swapped three of the five hearts that I have posted pics of. Five more are ready, but I need to post pics of them first. I really need to buy my own digital camera, I have great 35mm but they have to go out first. Anyhow, hope to be able to post pics on Monday as I am waiting to use my daughters camera.

I might be able to post pics of my other blocks as well. Hopefully my block for the color study rr will be ready to photo by then also. Also I have some more blocks that I am going to post also.

Since we have moved and all my things are in storage, I have been doing a lot of hand work to occupy myself with. I will be glad when we get to move into our house. Hopefully we will know something soon. Then I can get my sewing room up and runnning again. Until then I have started collecting a small amount of stash to have on hand at my moms. I have also gotten her into doing some handwork and now she is starting a pansy applique quilt top. Her energy level is improving daily. So we just take one day at a time. It is good to see her improving, I am so happy that we have had this time together and hope that we have many more years left to sew and quilt together. We may get to put a quilt in frames and quilt it together very soon. I will post some pics of her work here as well sometime this next week.

Keep those needles in motion

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