Saturday, January 03, 2009

Happy New Year!

Whew what a month! Lots of visiting going on along with all the other preps for the month. All in all our holidays was wonderful. Now to get back on track and finish up some projects and start some new ones! This year promises to be busy already and I am so looking forward to what lies ahead. I hope everyone is looking forward to this new year as much as I am. There is so much that I want to achieve this year both naturally as well as spiritually. Anyhow, come by often and see what is happening in my world leave a comment if you like and if you don't that is ok too. Now, back to putting up all those trees I had out!lol. And I still did not get four of them up! Not only that but my lovely Bliss gave me three more table top ones for Christmas that will be put out next year! A gold and silver bottle brush tree and a silver wire tree with blue and lime green balls (some of my favorite colors). I will post a quick pic of those soon also. Well, back to packing up!


martine said...

Hi Wendy, thanks for visiting my web-log.
The little figures you like are gnomy's and they bring you luck.
Mail me your birthday and I'll send you one.
I admire all your Christmastrees.
Houses must be huge in America to find a place for so many trees.
Greetings Martine

Katy said...

Hi Wendy! Could you email me at wth your full name, postal address, some fabric likes and dislikes and whether you prefer a local or international partner and I can get you signed up to the Fat Quarter swap!


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