Monday, January 19, 2009

Some of What I've Been Working On

Well it has a little bit cold here the last four or five days. Not like those who live in the north, but cold for us. It got down to 13 degrees the other night and I thought I would never get warm! I am now ready for spring to come!lol. Anyhow, I have been stitching some and thought I would post some of the pics. The first pic is the extra Angel gifts that I am working on. I still need to put the binding on the armchair caddy and the needle book that I am doing. I picked up the wrong size binding, and I have never made my own, so I need to go and get the correct size later today. But I wanted to go ahead and post a pic of it anyhow and I will post a finished one with binding when I get it on.
Armchair Caddy:
Pin Cushion:Next is the first part of the new challenge from Sharon B over on The first challenge of the year is the "Chicken Scratch" stitch. I have done this before a long time ago. This is just the first of my attempts and I will post more later on today. Sharon has given several ideas to further the stitch and push yourself outside of what the traditional way this stitch is applied. I will have further samples to post later. For this sample I chose red gingham and used black thread as I liked the way a bolder color looks. If you look closely at the fourth circle you can see a mistake that I made and will rectify later. The stitch is going in the wrong direction and can be easily fixed. I guess I was in a hurry and did not pay attention to the direction until I had finished the row. I used perle 8 embroidery thread. I will be using different types of thread for the others.
Here is a seam from the "Build a Seam" challenge over on Kerry's blog, which can be found here In this challenge you can join in the fun at any time during the process. I believe she started this for the novice group of crazy quilters, but anyone wanting to stretch themselves with new seam treatments should give this a try. I have several more that need the beading applied before I post pics.

Build a Seam Challenge: Seam #1


Miss 376 said...

What a lovely seam. I am enjoying seeing what everyone is doing with the chicken scratch, so many interesting samples

Judy S. said...

Hi Wendy, I've been wanting to try chicken scratch since last fall when I first saw it. What size is your gingham? You and I must think alike as we're in a couple of the same challenges!

Gerry said...

Your arm chair caddy is darling! I also really like the build a seam treatment in the bottom photo.

Wendy said...

Hi Judy, my gingham is medium checks. They did not have any small and the large checks are way too big!lol.


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