Monday, January 12, 2009

What I have been up to

This past week has been so busy that I have not had time to post. So I am doing today's post tonight so that I do get something posted today. I have been busy here with sewing and stitching, I just have not had time to sit down and post anything. And there are a couple of things that I cannot post as of yet but will give a sneak peak and let you know why. I have been trying to get my sewing room back into shape. After the move it was the last room to be set up and then hodge podge and anyone who knows me will tell you that it was driving me up the wall. So order had to be established in my "creative tower" as I call it. Not quiet finished, but a big improvement and hopefully this week will see it finished the way I like Anyhow I have been working on some items that I am going to show pics of. The first two are post cards that I did for a swap on "Stitchin Fingers". One is a landscape and the other is a color theme of green. The landscape is a replacement for one that I had already sent, but the card never arrived to its new home, therefore I made a new one for my swap partner and hopefully she has received it or will some time this week.
This is the landscape, which is my first by the by.
This is the "Green" color study:
Next is some fabric that I am using to make some gifts for another "Stitching Angel". There were some who did not receive anything from their swap partner and I had such a wonderful experience with my swap partner that I decided to do something for one of those who were left without their gifties. This is the fabric that I am using. After she gets her goodies from me I will post a pic of what I make and send to her. I am working on her gifties now and should be finished and mailed out by the week-end.
Next is some fabric that I am using in my "Vintage Valentine" swap. I can't tell you what I am making just in case my swap partner comes to have a look see at my blog. But I will post all I send her when she receives her box from me.
So you see I have been busy with sewing and quilty things. I am also working on a mini quilt and will post a pic soon. I am also working on another post card done in all blue as that is the theme for this month. I will post it on tomorrow as I should be finished and ready to mail it out. I just have a little bit of tweaking left to do. Happy Stitching everyone,


Miss 376 said...

Good to see you again Wendy. Glad things are getting straight and you are able to get stitching again. Love the landscape postcard, fantastic

May Britt said...

Have to answer you this way as you came up with no reply in my email. Please check your profil to allow your email adress to show.
I have added you to the chalenge list
Please add the badge to your sidebar and then make a monthly list under it where you list your finished projects.
And report to Kris when one is done so she can get you on the list.

Good luck on your finishes

May Britt

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Wendy, I love your landscape PC. It is very kind of your to stitch up a gift for someone who did not receive one. I am sure it will be greatly appreicated. Hugs Judy PS. Your opinion was valued and greatly appreciated about my CQ fabric choses.

Rosanne said...

OH, I did come to visit! What lovely fabric!


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