Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Next Block In The Black/White RR and Some Sad News

First my sad news, a friend of mine in TX passed away on Tuesday evening leaving behind a 16yr. old son and loving family. For all who knew Gail, she will be missed deeply. She was an inspiration and blessing to all those whom she knew. My life was touched by knowing her. Please keep the White family in your prayers during this hard time.

The next block I had was Nancy's block in the Black/White RR over on CQI. This little block had 10 seams and the patches were small so I decided to do seam treatments only. I think it turned out nicely as the patches were too small for motifs to look good with all the seams completed. I did however do one black ribbon rose on one center patch. I hope Nancy will like what I have done.

1. Diamond shape done in outline stitch with beading and sequins with straight stitch fans
2. Cretan stitch with detached chain 3. Double herringbone 4. Ribbon Flowers on white lace 5. Detached chain 6. Buttonhole stitch with beading 7. Sheaf stitch 8. Zig Zag chain stitch with straight stitch and french knots 9. Beaded feather stitch 10. Ric Rac seam with beading and sequins on upper seam. Lower seam detached chain 11. Black silk ribbon flower on patch

This block was a challenge as it was wonky, but I think it turned out really nice for Nancy. There is a lot of seams for such a small block and I think it works with just the seams being embellished and not patches. Hope you like it Nancy.

Now to work on my next Flower Fairy block which is one of my favorites as it is the Apple Blossom Fairy! I already have in mind how I will do this next block.

On another note, my back is better but I am not pain free. I am trying to lay down several times during the day when possible to help. It seems to be better when I do this. It is the nerve in my lower back that runs down the side of your hip. So I am learning to be careful and rest more. Which is very hard for me. Other than that I am getting along and trying to get my projects out as they come due. I have sent out a pin cushion swap and am getting a little concerned as I have not seen my partner post that she has received it as of yet. It went to Germany and I don't know how long that takes as I have not mailed there before. I am contacting the swap mom to see if she can find out since this is a secret swap. Hopefully I will know in a few days. Hope everyone is getting plenty of stitching time in. Happy Stitching, Wendy


Micki said...

It's beautiful Wendy!

Wendy said...

Thank you Micki, did you recieve my email to you?

Beena said...

Sorry for the loss of your friend.

And I hope you get to feeling better. I find that if I take an anti inflammatory and put on some Icy Hot when my back first starts to flair up, that it seems to reduce my down time.

I am sure nancy will like this gorgeous black and white extravaganza! It's gorgeous, Wendy!

Anonymous said...

Your work on the block is fantastic!!! Not quite sure what Wonky means;)I hope my blocks wont be wonky too. Well whatever it is you overcame it because I love your work! I am finding this one of the more challenging RR's I have been in, your doing it with flying colors!!

i am sorry about your back. I hope you are feeling better soon. Nothing like back pain to force us to rest. I have sever chronic pain everywhere, especially in my back and shoulders. I love that I can still stitch laying on the couch:)

Again nerve pain in backs it so difficult. I sure will be thinking of ya!

Wendy said...

Thank you ladies for your comments on the block. I so appreciate it when you leave such nice comments about my work.

Ann, the block was wonky because of the way it was put together. Instead of traditional she used pp method and it caused some of them to be what she calls wonky. But the block turned out pretty well. My only concern is there is not much room for joining with the other blocks as the seams are so narrow on the fabric itself. She may have to add fabric to some of these blocks to be able to join them together. You will see what I mean when they come to you to work on. Anyhow, happy stitching everyone.


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