Tuesday, August 04, 2009

One more thing and I am gone for the night. Quilting Gallery www.quiltinggallery.com is having a bag swap so you should go on over and sign up for it. You can sign up until Aug. 20th 2009. Mail out day for the bag is October 6th. Your partners information will be sent to you on Aug. 26th. So if you like bags go sign up for this one. It is for anyone who loves quilted bags and is an international swap so all are welcome. You don't have to ship international but you can if you like.
You can use the button on the right of my sidebar to go and sign up. Go on you know that you want to. Must have another great bag!

Happy Stitching,


Beena said...

Hi, Wendy!
I hope you get a great new bag from the swap! Thanks for the info.

I love your great thrift shop finds in your previous post. Don't know how I hadn't seen the post before now. Cyber problems.

Thanks for leaving such kind comments on my blog. I always smile when I see your name!

Micki said...

Thanks for the info! Tell me when you get my fabric postcard.
Thanks again!

maggi said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving such lovely comments. Thanks also for the link to the bag swap, for some reason it was not showing when I went onto the site in my normal way.


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