Sunday, August 23, 2009


This post may look hodge podge to everyone, but I promise it was blogger and not me!!!!lol. I sometimes hate to try and post because it is such a chore. Today is one of those times. Maybe I will have better luck tomorrow. I am now through with my rant!!!!!! On to the good stuff......

Below is the flannel fabric that I am working on a raggy quilt for the new baby that my daughter Frostie is expecting Feb. 12th. We could have a Valentine baby if it comes around her due date. Her birthday is the 5th of Feb, so I hope she misses that date so they can have separate birthdays. She is high risk, so we are praying for a healthy and on time baby.

These are the first four blocks put together on the first raggy quilt for the new baby. I am trying to do non-gender specific quilts for now. And do one specifically for the baby when we find out if Frostie is having a girl or boy.

Are these not lovely! I love the tee pee as it reminds me of my 5th great-grandmother she was an Blackfoot Indian princess. These are some recent acquisitions from swaps that I have been in. I love to collect post cards. If anyone would like to swap one to one just email me at and I will swap with you.

I decided to post some pics of the post cards that are in progress. These will be sent out at the end of the week. Also I am having to redo two that never arrived to their destinations. That happens sometimes, more often believe it or not it is when I mail to Canada. Of course I have had it to happen to other places, but Canada is the one most often to not reach its destination. So, that leads me to believe that someone on this side or that side of the border likes the post cards that I send. Anyhow, these are the ones that are on my work table at the moment. The fuzzy thread will go around the edge when finished. These first two are the remakes. The thread to the side will go around the outer edge of the finished card.

The bear starts the new sets of post cards that are in process. I just love this bear.
These are going to be so cool when finished. I am going to put black eyelash yarn for the mane and around the finished edge of these.
Another set of zebra.....I love the way these look on this fabric. I actually cut the image out of a different fabric and then zigzagged around the edge.
The last of the zebras. Although I am going to have to make one for me to keep since I like them so much
I get so irritated with blogger sometimes. I can't get my pics to move like I want them today!Arg..................Anyhow, these are some post cards that I have received lately the rest are at the top of the post because blogger would not let me move them down here. These are also very lovely cards.
I have more that I need to post but will wait for another day since blogger does not want to be nice today! Anyhow, I need to get back to work on some more projects.Will be posting pics soon of those. One is the mini summer quilt, but with blogger messing with me today I will wait to post those.
Happy Stitching Everyone,


Beena said...

Very, very nice postcards...ALL of them! In all my years quilting, I have only made one quilted post card in a class a friend taught...but would love to make you a quilted post card with a hand painted shell(s) if you want to swap sometime in the future.

The Pooh quilt is fun and adorable so far! I will definitely keep your daughter and her baby in my prayers.

Now I am alarmed about your postal problems with Canada. The winner of the giveaway I just had is there, and I just mailed her prizes. I really hope they make it there unencumbered by mischief.

Well, now that I have blathered on in your comments section, I will wish you well my blogger friend, and be on my way!

Wendy said...

Hi Beena, I have had one package lost and several post cards. Then I had a package that took the scenic route but it did arrive. Sometimes I think postal workers see the cards and decide they want them. End of story...... And of course we will never know, all we know is that they do not reach their destination.

I would love to swap with you! Are you I love your work and a painted shell would be great.

Talk to you soon. Can't wait to see the quilt your working on quilted.

Karen said...

I sdore your work on the post cards!! They are all so different and gorgeous! Guess I shoud try my hand so I can exchange with you too!!

Wendy said...

Hi Karen, I would love to swap with you, just let me know.

Rose Anne B said...

Wendy, I'm also wondering if you put yarn around your cards maybe they get caught in machines (YES I know they should be hand handled but I personally know they sometimes go through machines) and just don't get forwarded if retrieved.

I always send my postcards that I think might be a problem to the system (or too light & might get dirty) in the clear plastic sleeves AFTER the stamp is hand cancelled and so far I think all mine have arrived. I know I received some that have black smudges and even looks like beads or sequins ripped off so that could be the problem.

Wendy said...

Hi Rose Anne, I have just recently started using the clear plastic sleeves and am hopeful that they will always go through now. Someone else told me about the sleeves. So far so good.


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