Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Whew How Time Flies!

Okay, I have been working on something and here is a sneak peek. Can't show it all to you as it is a giftie for someone. When they receive it I will post a full pic of it then. As you can see from this post I have been busy although not with posting. Sorry about that but my time has really been crunched with working on several projects with deadlines and doing some remakes on others. Add dr. appts, sitting at hospital and just doing regular family stuff and you will see why I have not been posting. Although I have been busy. I have several more projects finishing up and when they arrive at their destinations I will post pics of them here. In the meantime, I will have other items to post about.

This is the quilt I made for the "Good Ol Summertime" mini quilt swap over on Quilting Gallery. I hope my swap partner likes what I have made her. The lines you see is not thread but the binding pinned in place before it was sewn down. This was a fun little quilt to do and I enjoyed making it.

This is the bag I made for the "Friendship Bag" swap over on Quilting Gallery. I did mine in black and white as that seems to be really popular right now. It was fun and quick. I will be making more of these for gifties at Christmas.

The inside of the bag. I love this fabric and I think I will make myself a larger bag with some of the black/white I have been buying for my stash.
This is what I put inside of the bag. Some moda fat quarters and enough black/white squares to make a mini quilt with if she likes.

This is the next Flower Fairy block I had worked on. I did do more work on it, but forgot to take another pic. Anyhow, this is some of what I did to this block. I just love her sitting in the tree amid the blossoms.
I had been seeing these spools all over blogland and really wanted some of them. Well I hit the sweeps on these babies! I purchased 15 of these at the thrift store for $5.oo. I hope that was a good buy, if not I still wanted them enough to purchase them. I do feel like I got them for a great bargain and I will be looking out for more. I plan to put my lace and ric rac on them. Maybe if I do that it will stay neater in the bins or I may display them in a glass jar or in this wooden bowl after I paint it.
Well hope everyone has a great rest of the week. By the by does anyone know what the above spools were actually used for? Just curious.

Happy Stitching,



Gerry said...

Congrats on your win, Wendy! I don't know if this is the only use but these are bobbin spools were usedfor commercial/production use in fatories in 'the olden days' but I assume they are still used now a days.

If you are looking for more of them, try eBay. About a year ago I bought a box of 100+ (vintage for sure, maybe antique) in 2 different sizes for about $25, including shipping.

Susan/CqLily said...

Congrats on your spools! We have the most 'dud' thrift stores ever! I never find a thing stitch or sewing related or even useful!
I love the spools...have 3 but would love so many more! Good for you!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

hey,i just came across this while googeling for quilts i love that quilt that you did for the exchange!!!! i am a beginner and want to do something like you did with the flowers on that one, did you just sew them on top, or how did you go about that? i love all of your crafty items, you are one talented woman!


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