Saturday, September 22, 2012

More Charms and Fall

I have more charm packs that are ready to be cut into mini charms of 2 1/2 inches. That does not include other fabric that I have pulled from my stash to make 2 1/2 inch charms with. Slow and steady at cutting and I hope to start piecing blocks next week. I am sure that before this is over I will still need to cut more charms, but this is a good start.
Fall is in the air around here! I love this time of year as the sweltering heat recedes and the cool of the fall begins to come around and tantalize your senses with the smell and sights of fall.
 Our cotton wood tree is beginning to turn into golds and yellows heralding in the fall season. I love to see the trees begin to turn wonderful shades of autumn colors. And raking leaves to burn in big piles!
 Just a touch of color for now. In a few weeks there will be a lovely display of oranges, reds, golds, yellows for the eyes to feast upon. I can hardly wait!
Soon it will be time for warm sweaters and fires in the fireplace along with some good homemade hot chocolate to drink. And lets not forget the chili! Oh yes, fall is on the way! Our nights this past week have been in the 50's and it has been so nice.

Until next time,


Cath said...

Looking forward to seeing what you are going to do with all those little squares!! And don't forget to show us the tree when it has turned colour. We don't experience those sort of changes with seasons in Brisbane and I miss it.
Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Very pretty charm packs...your Autumn our Spring....

Marci Girl said...

Wow, that ia ton of charms! Have fun cutting them, or try to have fun! LOL

Love Bears All Things said...

It is 45 here this morning...hard to believe but Fall has arrived...Love your charms, can't wait to see how they come together.
Mama Bear

karen said...

we are coming up to Autumn and all is is doing is raining!!! constantly.....
your fabrics are lovely!


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