Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Playing With Charms

I had enough time this afternoon to play with the charms I have been working on. All of the blocks in this quilt will be random scrappy. I put all the charms inside a basket and pulled 7 charms for 7 rows for each block. I now have 20 sets of 49 charms for a total of 20 block A's for this quilt. I will still need to cut and make my B blocks next. Block A in progress..
First finished Block A for scrappy sv quilt......
This is going to be a very scrappy quilt when finished. And I see more of these quilts in my future. I like how this block has come together and how all the different fabrics look good in the block. All of my bold and happy fabrics are looking good with more calm fabrics in my stash. Even those ugly fabrics look good in this type of block.
Until next time,


Loopylou said...

It must be so nice to get some sewing done after all that cutting. It's going to be lovely

martine said...

It looks good, your scrappy quilt.
Always my favourites.
Warm greetings.

Terry said...

Well done! I have plans for more scrappy quilts too, as I have a whole bunch of 2-1/2 inch squares cut.


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