Tuesday, September 04, 2012

New Blanket and a Drawing

 I started this crocheted blanket while recouping from food poisoning a while back. I really like the way this is shaping up and is so easy that I do not have to think about it. The pattern makes it look like it has been weaved in and out and is really pretty. I have been so busy here with other things on my plate that my regular crafty muse has had to take a back seat. My sweet middle daughter is just getting over pneaumonia and now my throat is swelled and sore! Hopefully I will be feeling better soon. I did get to the post office again and had some things waiting on me. One was another traveling stash box and this will be a quick turn around. I will be posting about it later today in its on post, so be on the lookout for the draw it will be a quick turn around. See you then,


Loopylou said...

That's a pretty pattern.
Hope you all feel better soon

Cat said...

Grrrr to pneumonia I say
I'm on the just getting better end of it myself

karen said...

your blanket looks so soft and snuggly....love the colour too.....


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