Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Mail Time...

My package has arrived for the Easter Time swap that was hosted by Julie from here...this is what was in the package...
Each item was to spell out Easter Time...
E: egg timer (I have never seen one of these before)
A: areo bubbles candy (already gone!)
S: seam ripper
T: table mat
E: earrings
R: ribbon, rabbit

T: tape measure
I: invisible thread
M: magnetic needle case
E: elephant fq
Guess who was my swap partner for this swap, it was Melanie from here...thank you Melanie for all the wonderful goodies in my package...this was a fun swap...a big thank you to our swap mom Julie for hosting a great swap.


marina said...

what lovely goodies...

Barb said...

What fun!!!

Jane Galley said...

What a lovely swap, so much fun opening the individual packets

Jewells said...

Thank you for joining my swap... it looks like you received some lovely gifts!


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