Monday, June 11, 2012

Knit Along and 2nd Post of The Day!

I have joined the knit along on Melody's blog found here. We are making a sweater! And I chose this beautiful teal color. I have longed to knit a sweater for years, but have never put needles in hand to do so. I am a self taught knitter and have only made dish cloths and neck warmers. So, when Melody (she is a prolific knitter and loves colour) decided to have this knit along with the way she learned when she started, I had to jump in and at least try. I also realized that I had been casting on wrongly and found out the correct way, which was also easier than what I had been doing. My stitches also look so much better. I am very slow but am hoping speed will come in time. I hope to have the back finished today sometime, but here is a pic of what I have so far. If you would like to join go on over to Melody's blog and take a look see. As for me I will be picking up the needles and work to finish the back as we will be starting another part on today. Wish me luck on this new adventure!
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