Friday, June 29, 2012

New Project

I needed a new project to take with me when going to the dr. and such. So I decided to do the HexyMF over on Katy's blog. I have everything ready and organized in a box. I spent the better part of yesterday morning cutting out all the hexagons for this quilt. My hands are sore this morning but they are all ready to go. I may start basting some later this evening after I have my swimmersize session. The first pic is what a stack of 425 hexie's look like waiting to be basted. I still need to cut 80 yellow centers for the flowers. I am waiting on fabric to arrive for them. I chose to use only five different fabrics which will be 16 flowers from each. I decided to use fabric I had in my stash for a while. There are two solids and three prints. I will be putting this on a black background unless I change my mind.

Until next time,


Terry said...

I just love the fabrics you've used for this! It's going to be beautiful! :0)

Gina E. said...

Ouch! I don't think my arthritic hands would do any more than about 50 before giving up! Today at a quilt show I saw one of those 'Baby Go cutter' things (or whatever they are called) and decided that it will be my Xmas present from hubby this year...great way to do multiple hexagons etc. without pain!
Your fabric selection for this quilt is absolutely gorgeous.


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