Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Heartwarming Find

What you may say is heartwarming about a sewing machine find? I will tell you why this little machine warmed my heart upon seeing it. When I was nine I inherited my grans (my dads mom) sewing machine. It was an Atlas sewing machine and she was the only one to have ever sewn on it. When she passed away my dad brought it home to me. I learned to sew on that little pinkish tan machine. Nothing fancy but she sewed like a top. I literally wore that little machine out. I was sewing one day and the motor caught fire! She burnt up before my eyes! Cabinet and all. I had nothing left except the iron legs of the cabinet when all was said and done. My gran had put her machine in her mothers singer treadle cabinet. Now all I have is the legs for the cabinet and my memories of learning to sew on that machine. When my machine was destroyed my dh bought me a new singer. It was ok, but not my sweet grans machine. When I laid eyes on this my heart swelled with memories of sitting at my grans machine learning to sew using a machine. I could hand piece, but this allowed me to sew anything I wanted. I made all of my oldest daughters fancy dresses and such on this machine. Like I said, the memories just came flooding back and I had to buy it and give it a home. She needs to be oiled and dusted a bit, but the motor runs smooth as silk. And just the sound brings a smile to my face that only I can understand. Not just memories of sewing, but standing near gran when she sewed and the times that we spent at her house once we moved close by. Yep, this little pinkish/tan girl has found a loving home that will treat her kindly. Now off to sew after this long post of memories for me. A quick pic of the boys, Whiz is ignoring me by closing his eyes nearly shut and being real still!lol He does not like the camera at all and usually tries to bite it when it is this close to him! So funny my little guy.
Until next time,


Helen said...

I understand "completely" where you are coming from!! My family tell me that I'm always "buying back my past", ... like sewing machines "just like Mum's" .... china and crockery "just like Grandma's" etc etc. I didn't really have anything from my Grandma but remember lots of lovely things she had in her home and I've been collecting stuff just like Grandma's for years... AND LOVING IT!
Enjoy your beautiful machine full of memories!

Connie said...

What a beautiful sewing machine and each time you use it just think of all the memories it will bring back!


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