Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Mail Call WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WOOOOOOOOOOW, is all I can say. My mail-lady was really good to me on today. As you know I am in a swap called Stitching Angels over at Helen's place at http://hugsnkisses.typepad.com/ You should go over and visit her, lots of wonderful goodies and some free patterns from different designers on her site. Anyhow, I signed up along with over 200 other ladies to be a secret stitcher. We were to make three homemade gifts and send them by the end of this month to our secret stitching angel. Well mine came today and I am so blown away by my secret angels generosity. Not only did she make me three wonderful and gorgeous items, but she also sent me fat quarters sequin trim, loose sequins, embroidery floss, some lace, a beaded/sequin motif ( which of course will find their way into one of my crazy quilt projects) and a little card. It all is just gorgeous, and the fabric is like she has been in my sewing room and knows what I like. It is all so lovely. The only thing is, she still did not tell me her name! So my secret stitching angel when you read this post please comment and identify yourself. All I know is she is from the Netherlands, a place by the way that I have always wanted to travel to. Thank you so much for all the lovely handmade gifts and the bounty of extras that you sent to me. I am so happy and have a very thankful heart. Wishing you the best and many happy hours of stitching. Thank you.The photo does not really do the items justice, but the lighting is not good at this time of day so I will take a photo out of doors in the morning and post a better pic.

My items will be going in the mail on Friday to my swap partner and it will be making a long journey across the big pond. I hope she likes what I have made and what I am sending her. So be looking for a package in the mail on next week. Wonder who I am sending it to? This has been a very fun swap and I hope that Helen does this again. This is a wonderful way to make new friends around the world.

Happy Stitching,


Miss 376 said...

How beautiful, Wendy. I can just imagine your excitment as you were unwrapping it, Jane

martine said...

Hello Wendy, I am so glad the goodies arrived on the right adress and that you like them.
I will send you an email later in the day to introduce myself.
Warm greetings Martine.

Wendy said...

Jane, I was so excited when I seen the package, and opening them was like an early birthday present as my b'day is next month. Everything is just beautiful.

Martine, thank you so much. Everything you sent was just beautiful. I love the handmade goodies they are lovely and will be well used. The fabrics are all colors that I love, and the trims will find themselves in some projects very soon. Again thank you and I am looking forward to your email.Wendy

Wendy said...

Martine, I just browsed your blog and love your work. The yellow and blue star block is wonderful. I have some of the same blue fabric and also in other colors as well. Wendy


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