Saturday, October 18, 2008

Update on Carol's Block

Well I have finished my part on Carol's block and it is now on its way to the next person which is Amy over at you should visit her if you have a chance as she has some wonderful things going on over there. Anyhow, on this block I did a beaded crochet motif, a fly stitch lace seam and a web with spider. I like the way they all turned out and I hope that Carol likes what I have done to her block. I really enjoyed working on this block. I have one more to do and then this rr will be complete. I have Amy's block and will start on it this weekend. Here are the pics of Carols block, please enjoy!

Happy Stitching Everyone!


Thelma said...

Beautiful stitchin Wendy!

floristic said...

The stitching that you did on the block is great. I like that you took a picture of the whole block to show all the work that we all did in the group


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