Thursday, January 21, 2010

Another Block: Now "Peacocks Tail"

Remember the peacock fabric that my swap partner from the "Homemade Christmas" swap gave me. Well today I made up a block with it. This will be framed in a shadow box to go in my peacock room. The block is 17x17 inches a really good size block. When I pulled the fabrics for this block I tried to use colors that were actually in the fabric. I think I did pretty well with it. All fabric was shopped from my stash so I did not have to buy any. This block will be encrusted when finished as I love the look of all those beads and goodies that you use when you encrust a block. I really enjoyed the making of this block. I flipped and sewed some and some I hand pieced such as the fans. I also tried the method that Amy Munson uses to piece her fans you can find her here:  She is very talented and she had shared on CQI how she pieced her fans.  I have always pieced my like I do when I paper piece in traditional or sane quilting. Since crazy quilting is all about thinking outside the box I used a different method this time. I think all four of the fans turned out well and will see how I like them when they are embellished with thread and such. I am not sure I like the raw edges at this point but I am willing to try new techniques. I love the colors of the block and the great thing is I still have some of the fabric so I can make something else as well. Maybe a tablerunner for the room.......stay tuned and see what I make with the remaining fabric at a later date......... Anyhow below is a pic of my block. I will be working on this as a slow work in progress and hopefully it will be finished by the end of summer. That is what I am shooting for as a finish date for this block. Well time to do some reading to relax. Oh I just thought.....I need to come up with a name for this block.........hmmmmm will have to think about it for a little bit........

I just love that peacock fabric.  Some pillows for the room would be nice........okay I'm out of here until tomorrow.

Edited: Thanks to Beena the block now has a name "Peacocks Tail"

Happy Stitching,


Anonymous said...


Oh your block colors are GORGEOUS!!!! You did such a nice job on those fans. What a lovely block. The peacock fabric is very nice. I cant wait to see it embellished!!!!

Ann Flowers

Beena said...

The block came out great! How about calling it "Peacock's Tail"? The fan units make me think of that combined with that dreamy fabric!

Debra said...

Love the fans in the corners!

Wendy said...

Peacock Tails it is.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Wendy said...

Please if you post to my blog post in English as I cannot read any other language and will have to delete the comment. Thank you


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