Monday, January 04, 2010

Photos of Some RR's and Swaps

I am having trouble sleeping so I thought I would write up this post that I have been needing to get up. I am tired but not sleepy and I hope I do not misspell any words. Especially since blogger no longer has a spell check. Or maybe it is just mine that does not work anymore. Anyhow, here goes with this post.

With everything that has went on in the past month I have not been able to post about some RR's and swaps that I have been in. I have one swap that was lost in the mail and had to redo the gifties. They are now on the way to their new home and I will post as soon as it arrives at my swap partner Jacqs home. It is traveling across the water to a very cold place in the Netherlands. Hope it arrives soon Jacq.

First up is Marci's Flower Fairy block and this is the last block for me in this RR. I am now finished working on all the blocks in this rr and they are on the way home to Marci. I had a lot of fun working on each of the blocks in this rr. So much so that I joined another Flower Fairy RR that will be starting soon. I hope Marci likes what I have done to the block. This was a DYB which means each person makes six 6" blocks and each person in the rr finishes one whole block. This one is done in purple and blues and I really like the combination.

Next up is the final block in the Black/White RR and this block belongs to Simona in Italy. She had added a red center to her blocks and wanted only the seams finished with red thread. I enjoyed working on her block as well and hope she likes the seam treatments I completed on the block. I actually used some new to me seam treatments, one of which is the snails trail. It took some practice before I was able to get it right but finally it came together and I was able to put it on the block. The other stitch was the blanket stitch used like the feather stitch. It was easy and I will be using this style of feather stitch again. I will be mailing out Simona's blocks to her on today.

Next is the Christmas swap that Heidi hosted called a "Vintage Christmas". My partner was Tanya  and this is what I sent to her:

All wrapped up and ready to go...........But wait.........I just have to put in one more item........

Remember this lapgahn........Well I just had to put it in her box as well. I love to make these and wanted to do something extra special for her.  So I decided to take this out of the shop and give it to a special someone.

This is what she sent to me:

This stocking is gorgeous and the photo does do it any justice. I absolutely love it! She also sent vintage buttons (I can use these in my crazy quilts), vintage textile wash, a gorgeous piece of peacock fabric and a log cabin ruler that I so wanted for Christmas.  There were also some wonderfully creamy candy that went really fast! And some thread. I love all of it and will be using the fabric in an upcoming project. Below is a better photo of the stocking hanging on the wall.......Isn't it wonderful!

I will be posting more pics as soon as the one swap reaches its home. I also have some photos of coming up projects and another swap that is due on the 18th and will post pics of that as soon as the quilt arrives at its new home.

Next is the prize I won from Willowberry Designs. Only one of the packages arrived and here it is. The other one was lost in transit............I guess it is taking the scenic Anyhow I wanted to show you these wonderful patterns and the fabric and goodies that did arrive at my house.

I don't do the whole new years resolution thingy, but I will be sharing what I would like to accomplish over this next year in the next day or so. Well I am finally getting sleepy so I will say good night or good morning where ever you are. I am off to get some much needed sleep.

May Gods' peace abound in your life
Happy Stitching


Ruby said...

Glad you found time to post. What a nice lot of gifts! Must tell Karen to come see your pink stocking! Lovely work on the blocks. Especially like the ribbon work. Have a Blessed New Year!

Rengin Yazitas said...

Hi Wendy,
I enjoyed so much your post, you shared so many lovely things. Many eye-candies....thanks so much.
Best wishes for a New Year filled with happines and better things to come.
Much Love,

Anonymous said...


The colors you chose for the fairly block were prefect!! What a stunning blue ribbon you used

Your stitches are lovely!

You did a great job on Simona's black and white blocks I am sure she will love it. They were fun to work on!

Ann Flowers

Anonymous said...

My block is beautiful!!! I love what you did for my fairy.

Irish Kathi said...

Beautiful work on the RR blocks.
I know what you spell check on the new "improved" blogger. I use the check in my tool bar now, thanks to my kids cluing me in!

Wendy said...

Hi ladies and thank you for your nice comments on my work. Marci I am so glad that you like her, I could not resist making her hat with the beading. This is another block that I fell in love with. This has been a really fun rr for me.


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