Monday, January 11, 2010

Black/White Blocks Finished

Well all of the blocks are finally all pieced! I was undecided on the handle for the center fan for a while but finally decided to use black instead white and I like it much better. I had wavered between the two for a few days and finally decided that the black velvet looked much better than white satin. I could not find any white velvet around here anywhere and now I am glad. I am happy with the results of todays sewing session. Now to embellish the rest of the blocks. Take a look see.

Closeup of the center block

Happy Stitching Everyone,


Maria said...

Hi Wendy Great block.

I see from reading some of your older posts you swap siggy's through Annelies's swap group. I have just joined so if you would like to swap please forward yur Name and snail mail address this is my:
Maria Wilson
Po Box 435,
Western Australia
Loking forwaed to receiving your info so I can send you a block.

Debra said...

So interesting. . .

Judy S. said...

LOVE it, Wendy.

Judy S. said...

LOVE it, Wendy.

Beena said...

I very much like the way this has turned out, Wendy! Very much!

Karen said...

OH WOW!!! Can't think of anyother words to describe it!! I can't wait to see how it turns out when you embellish it!! Your work is fantastic!


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