Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Changing the Font and Some New Quilt Books

I am playing with the size of the font on my blog to see if I can make it larger for those with mature eyes who have to squint to read my blog so please bear with me. Ok this seems to be the one, so we will try this for a while. I had someone ask me about enlarging the lettering so here we go. Also why is there nolonger spell check for the posts? I hate that, I have tried everything and suggestion that people have given me. I even clicked on compose like someone suggested and it did not work either. All help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Now for the crafty part of this post. I have recieved a few of the quilt books I have been wanting for a while. Had to wait until they were on sale of course. And then when I was looking for pastel silk ribbon I ran across two books I have wanted for a while at $8.00 each, so of course I snatched them up. I have been drooling all over these books. Such eye candy and so many quilts that I now want to make! My list is getting longer and longer. All but one book is by Kaffe Fassett the other is by Ricky Tims for his Rhapsody quilts. He actually uses a simular method that I use for making his quilts that I have used in the past to make church banners with. But he does give a lot of tips to make it easier to piece/applique that I know I will use in the future. So here they are :

I have also ordered his Caravan of Quilts in German. Why German you say, well the book is actually out of print and I really wanted the book so I figured that I could look at the pics and diagrams and figure out how to put the quilt together. As far as the measurements for the fabric and blocks I will use a language translator for that. I know it is extra work for me, but I really wanted the book and that is the only way to get it other than paying upwards $100.00 for it which I could not do. Isn't the quilt on Ricky Tims book just gorgeous! All those yummy saturated colors!mmmmm...........Love it! Now here is a sneak peek at something I am working on. I can't show it to you but I can show you little snippets a time or two. Here is the first one. This fabric is being used for a mini quilt or table runner as I am undecided at this time which one it will be. This is for a spring swap that Dutch Sisters are doing. The fabrics are just lovely and I know my partner will like them.

These are very spring like fabrics and will make up really nice in the project that I choose for them. Now to go and cut more baskets and cut out the project above.

Happy Stitching


Exuberant Color said...

I was a little worried when I went with the larger print on my blog but a bunch of people thanked me for making it easier to read. So I vote yes, use that size print.

You're going to love the Kaffe books. They are great picture books when you just need a boost so the one in German isn't going to make any difference. The names of the fabrics will probably be in English.

Karen said...

luscious fabrics!!! Love those colors ! Great books, don't ya just love his fabrics??

Judy S. said...

Wendy, I love those springy colors you've chosen for your next project. I, too, really like Kaffe Fassett's use of colors. Have you seen his yarn line? You did a nice job on the CQ block even if you weren't crazy about the colors; they seemed to have rubbed off though in your choice of spring colors...... Isn't SPAM annoying?


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