Thursday, February 11, 2010

Yes Two Posts In One Day!

I was going to do this post on tomorrow, but my mom called with some great news about Mike so I just had to post this for all those who have followed his story over the last few months since the accident. He took his first steps today which was eight. Months before the dr.s thought that he would! We are so happy and know that God is speeding his recovery. Eight steps may not seem like much, but they said it would be April or May before he was ready to put weight on his ankles and legs. Eight small steps is a great hurdle in his recovery. We thank God for the progress that Mike is making.

Now for the crafty part of this post. I had blogged about a special quilt project I am working on for my mom for her birthday in August. It is a blue basket quilt as that is her favorite color. Well there have been several people in blogland that has sent me blue fabric to help me out since my blue stash is super limited. This week has been a great mail week for me and some really great blue fabric has made its way here to be cut into blue baskets for the quilt. Below is what has come in the mail thus far. A big heart felt thank you to all those who have donated fabric for this project, I thank you. First up is from my friend Beena, she was my swap partner in the Spring Mini Quilt swap this past year and she is a great person who I have become friends with. She not only sent this wonderful blue fabric, but also the panel that she designed below it. She has created some great panels you should go on over and check out her site. She is here:
Here is the panel......Isn't this great! It is a whole cloth quilt panel and will be gorgeous when quilted. Thank you Beena for my gift and the blue fabric.
Next is the fabric that Debra sent. You can find her here: you should go visit her on her blog. She is also spearheading Operation Pillowcase for the troops in Afgahnastan. Go check it out here:    Go sign up to make some pillowcases for the troops. They are easy to make and bring cheer to our soldiers who are putting their lives on the line everyday. They take less than an hour to make a set of two, they will take as many or as few as you are willing to make.
Thank you Debra for all these lovely scraps that will become beautiful little baskets for mom. Next up we have more lovely blue scraps for the basket quilt. These are from Karrin and you can find her here: I love them all. Look at the cheater cloth. What a cute basket that will make. These are going to make some great baskets. Thank you Karrin for your generosity.
Last but certainally not least is the blue fabric that has traveled all the way across the big pond from Australia. These blue fabric scraps came from the very generous Esther. You can find her here:    She is the creator of Red Delicious BOM from last year. You should check out her blog and see all the wonderful quilts and such that she creates. She also creates and sells her patterns. They are absolutely gorgeous. Thank you Esther for the beautiful scraps that you sent to become little baskets in this quilt. I love each of them that you sent.
Each of you ladies have blessed me by responding to my plea for help in this special project for my mom. In essence you are and will be a great part of the making of the quilt. I have decided that each person who sends in scraps to be used in my moms birthday quilt her/his name will be put on the label. That way mom will know how many people contributed in scrap fabric to her quilt. I could never repay the kindness of you sending me the scraps and this is just another small way I can say thank you and give you credit for your part in my moms quilt. Thank you! Now to go and cut some baskets out.

Happy Stitching,


Beena said...

That is wonderful news about Mike! I am doing the happy dance for you and your family, Wendy!

Looks like you have your work cut out for you now with all those baskets to make from all the blues!!!!

Miss 376 said...

Great news about your brother, you all must be so thrilled

Judy S. said...

Fabulous news! Looks like your mom is going to get a beautiful quilt. Happy stitching.

Debra said...

Looks like you have plenty of blue fabric now!

Good news about Mike too!


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